Top Tips for Market and Exhibition Displays

You have only 3 seconds to grab their attention and 10 minutes to promote your business’ product or service. Here are my top tips to help you make those 3 seconds count and ensure you stand out at your next Market or Exhibition.

  • Keep it simple. Don’t clutter the space with excess stock and decoration.
  • Greet every person that comes into your stand, even if you are working with someone else make sure you look new visitors in the eye and smile with a simple “ill be with you in a moment”
  • Don’t have your head down engrossed in your phone be alert and ready to welcoem people. Remember people want to connect with the people behind the brand
  • Use clear branding. Make sure the colours you choose for your stand and decor blend with you logo colours. Request that staff working on the stall are either dressed in a well branded uniform or wear colours that complement your brand.
  • Be willing to give away gifts in return for receiving data from potential customers. You could run a raffle or simply give each person who leaves their details a small thank you gift. Make sure your gift is well branded and on theme of your range. Something more than a pen or notepad
  • Use tablets to gather data (rather than a hand written list) and ensure that all team members have access to one. This may mean an initial outlay but when it comes to collating the data it will save so much time.
  • Offer a bonus or discount for purchase made at the on the day. Extend this offer with a gift card trade/market special that must be redeemed within 2 weeks of receiving it. This encourages show goers to share your brand with their friend.

Branding is Key

  • Make sure your staff all well versed in all aspects of the business. Good product knowledge and a clear understanding of the business vision.
  • Introduce new products at the show. This is the ideal place to host a product launch and test the market.
  • Don’t block the entrance to your stand with tables or stands. Keep the entry points clear this will give people a welcome feeling.
  • Depending on the size of your stand you could create a chill zone for attendants. By this I mean a place for them to sit rather than having only high tables why not offer a coffee table and small lounge in the space.
  • Email your current customers and stockists before the show. Offer them an exclusive invite.
  • Update your social media followers on where you will be each weekend if you attend marketing on a regular basis.
  • Find out what your competitors did at the last show or market and find an alternative to help you stand out. Offer something they didn’t. You want people to think back to the show the day or week after with the thought of “remember that stall …..and that awesome thing they did”
  • Don’t sit down while waiting for people to visit you. This makes you look bored and people will feel you are not interesting to talk with. Stand up and engage with passers-by.
  • Visit other stall holders and make connections. Go for a walk around the market or expo with your business cards and ask for theirs. Engage in conversation with them. You never know where a connection might lead.
  • Once the show or market is over email everyone that gave their details then send out regular (but not too regular) emails highlighting your offer. Also do this with business connections you might have made.

Market stalls and Expos are a great way to showcase your work

I wish you all the very best at your next show. Be confident, smile and show the world why you are worth doing business with. Believe in yourself and your brand.

Social Media is a perfect tool for getting the word out about where you will be showcasing your products, to learn more about becoming a social pro check out our article.

If you are based in Victoria check out Craft Markets Australia for some amazing opportunities to showcase your range. If you have a beautiful range of gifts to offer why not look at the latest Reed Gift Fair. I just love heading to this show every year. Just to let you know I am not paid anything at all by either of these companies however I do feel they both have so much to offer small business development in Australia.