At the moment we are seeing more talk of living an environmentally conscious life. There are many shows and documentaries dedicated to educating people on the damage we are causing to our world. Shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Minimalism and of course David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 are leading the way in bringing the need for change to the forefront. But is the idea just a passing fad or is this a change we need to be making for life?

I believe that living an environmentally conscious life has to be a whole life change however for many consumers they will make a couple of small changes and then switch back to old behaviours when it all gets “too hard”, “too time consuming” or “too expensive”. This is where you have the opportunity to educate and continue to push the importance of thinking before you consume.

So what does it mean to live an environmentally sustainable life? Put simply it is working toward reducing your use of earth’s natural resources and your overall carbon footprint. Sustainability is much more than a new trend and living an environmentally friendly life has reached far beyond tree hugging. Yes, the use of the word has certainly become popular in recent years’ but sustainability itself is hardly new.

As a retailer of environmentally friendly products how do you continue to reach your target market and see return custom? Part of the concept of living a sustainable life is to reduce consumption in order to reduce carbon footprint. So as a retailer it is important that you are one step ahead of the latest trend change. You have an opportunity to be releasing new products that will help people continually reduce their carbon footprint. Education is key in reducing worldwide carbon emissions and it only takes one change a month for your customers to make a substantial personal difference. The advantage you have as a retailer is that right now the world is so damaged and there is so much change to be made that even if you only released a new product every couple of months you will have years of life before you have solved all of the environmental problems in the world. So my suggestion is to research products that will have the biggest impact and focus your attention in these areas. Make sure you keep your own knowledge up to date and share your knowledge with your target market. Not only does this build credibility it also helps you stay one step ahead of the rest.

Change can start with one person. It comes from education and understanding and implementation. You have the power to change your home, your communities, your world, your customers.

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