Today we are going to take an in-depth look at the importance of planning for success. No matter the size of your business and even if you don’t have a business yet it is so important that you have a clear plan. No in your head is not good enough, this is a dream. When you write thoughts down they become a plan, they become a feasible idea, they become a new creation, and they become a goal. How you write it down really doesn’t matter, a scrap of paper, a paper napkin at the local Café or a formalised business plan. Whenever your thoughts appear write them down commit to them in writing.

I was incredibly blessed throughout my childhood. I had a Father who spent many years working in the corporate world and then made the decision when he was just over 40 to go into business for himself. Once he started running this business he instilled in me the value of planning and it is from him that I have coined the phrase “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. These are the 7P’s of marketing that I hold in higher regard than any others.

Your plan will change over time it will grow with you and morph into all the new business dreams you have. Every time you have a new idea or dream write it down.

How can a plan help your business flourish?

You plan should set your goals clearly in place. From these long term goals (10 years) you will be able to break down into smaller more manageable missions and tasks. Long term goals are something that you should be setting from a management perspective, when you include these into your plan you are then able to clearly communicate with current and potential employees the long term vision of the business. Not only will this give your current employees a sense of purpose but it will help you determine the correct fit of any new candidates you might need in the future to fulfil your goal. Setting goals gives your vision clarity and helps others understand who your business is and where you are heading.

Planning for the future shows customers and future customers that you are a serious, passionate business owner who has a drive that they can see themselves working with. Without a plan you won’t know how you can be more competitive because you won’t understand your competition. Clearly defining your plan and revision of your plan can also mean that you can stay ahead of the competition. Don’t live in a business where you are waiting for the next big change be a market leader, a change maker, show your competition that you are proactive and not reactive. Not only will this set you up as a market leader it will also demonstrate to your target market that you are the one to work with or buy from.

In this busy time that we all live in planning has become more important than ever. Take time every week to assess your plan for the week and discuss this with your team. Reaching your long term goal is so much simpler when you plan and break it down into weekly priorities and daily tasks.

Never forget: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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