Plan To Flourish in 2019

Goal Setting for the future

One of the most important planning activities for all business is goal setting. Unfortunately it is also the one thing we often all tend to over look. That might be due to lack of time, mindset, confidence or just the feeling of ‘I don’t really need to, I have them in my head’. How do we know this? Because this was us! For a long time we operated with no real set goals and as a result no clear direction of where we were heading. Not a great way to start business. The changes we have experienced since setting our goals and annual plan in writing are amazing. The biggest change has been mindset, goal setting gives you a clear vision of the future and what your true business purpose is.

We want you to flourish in business and this is why we are offering you this accountability and planning partnership opportunity

By the end of our planning and accountability sessions you will feel, empowered, uplifted, focused and able to flourish. We want to see every business this happy!

How Will This Work For You?

Phase one of your goal setting partnership will start with a 30 min FREE discovery session. In this session you have the opportunity to ask us as many questions as you need to ensure that you feel comfortable working with us. We in return will get to know you and your business, where you have been and where you hope to be in the future. This session is completely free of charge and obligation. However at the conclusion of our call our goal is to set a time to meet again and discuss in depth your goals and future plan. So lets start with a discovery first, click on the button just below to book your session today.

Onto Phase Two.

This is where the value really ramps up for you and your business. We will book a new time with you to start discussing your goals. When you have completed Plan To Flourish phase two you will have:

✔️ Clarity around your business purpose

✔️ A Clear outline of your 5-10 Year Big Fat Goal (BFG)

✔️ 5 priorities to focus on for the next 12 month

✔️ 1 Month of goals outlined in detail

✔️ 1 Month of weekly activities and strategies to help you reach your first month of goals

This phase will run across Zoom meetings and emails to ensure your goals are just where you want them to be. We are there with you every step of the way. We won’t be telling you what your goals should be we will be helping you develop your weekly strategy plan to reach the goals that you set. We will help you create SMART goals, goals that are realistic, achievable and able to be measured. You will receive a full road map of your goals and strategy for the first month. From there you can reuse your road map every month to create a new set of monthly goals with your new found confidence and knowledge.

What Do Our Current Clients Have to say

I recently started working with Melanie in her Plan to Flourish program – this has been a game changer already for getting my planning and strategy in place for the next year and my long term goals. Melanie has a knack for asking the right questions and really clarifying what I want to achieve and then putting a place a strategy to do this. I’m so motivated now to take action, the year ahead feels SO much more manageable. Plus Melanie’s such a down to earth, genuine and understanding person, it’s already been such a great experience working with her. Highly recommend!
Ali Loxton

Business Owner and Eco Warrior, ONIST

The Final Phase the Bonuses.

When you work with us you are never alone there is still a phase three to come. In this very special partnership we will book in with you monthly 30 minute calls for the first 3 months and then quarterly 1 hour catch ups for the first 12 months to help you stay on track and check in with your monitoring. You will also receive regular emails from us guiding you through the day by day task of running a business with purpose. We are there for you every step of the way, to both hold you accountable and to guide you through the year. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity, book your discovery session today and let’s get to work helping you Plan To Flourish in 2019.

What Will You Walk Away With?

✔️ Your BFG

✔️ 12 Months of priorities

✔️ 1 month of goals and tasks

✔️ Complete road map of your future plan

✔️ Monthly 30 minute catch ups for the first 3 months

✔️ Quarterly 1 hour catch ups for 1 Year

✔️ FREE On going email support

✔️ Opportunities for ongoing marketing support at reduced rates

The Icing on the Cake is that all of this is totally affordable.

As you have just seen and need to keep in mind a goal without a plan is just a wish and this is why we feel the investment you make in proper planning is so important. However we also understand the financial pressures of purpose driven business as such we do all we can to create effective and affordable solutions. Right now this offer is available to you for the one time up front payment of just $650. For a whole year of business support!

We can’t wait to partner with you and see you flourish in 2019. To recap that’s a full road map of your goals for the next 12 months, quarterly accountability and review meetings and ongoing email assistance from our team of professional, experienced marketing advisors.


The Time Is Now Set Your Plan To Flourish In 2019

We know partnering with Life is For Living Marketing is the right step for your business. Together you will have the opportunity to

flourish with purpose. You give so much to the planet and it’s people let’s help you give more and receive more in 2019.

Terms and Conditions do apply so please reach out to us to discover more. Please also read our privacy policy, we promise not to bombard you with information that wont lead you to flourish.