You have your website, your social pages, your engaged, share valuable content and have run a bunch of successful social media ads and have built your email list. Now what? Now you nurture relationships through email marketing so that your now warm lead converts into a paying customer. How do I do that?

In the fast paced world we all live in there is so much noise that consumers are faced with every day. It used to be said that people need to see your message up to 7 times before they make a decision now it is getting closer to 20 different times. This does not mean they will make a decision after seeing the same ad 20 times over they are looking for new content and to further their knowledge about your brand. This is where Email Marketing comes into its own. You may have run a series of video ads to build brand awareness and then retargeted these people to a view landing page ad. From there they have signed up to your mailing list and received your free lead magnet. The idea behind each of these steps is to make sure they every activity is jam packed full of value to your ideal market.

Once you have started to see people subscribing to your email list the steps you take from here can either make or break the chance of ever forming a business relationship. In order for people to get to this stage they are a very warm lead and they are pretty keen to hear what you have to say. So don’t forget them! A well nurtured lead has a 20% greater chance of converting to a paying customer than a cold lead.

Before we look at how to write great emails consider the reasons why email nurture is so valuable:

  • 61% of consumers actually ENJOY receiving promotion emails WEEKLY (and 28% would prefer them to come more often!)
  • 72% of consumers PREFER email as their as their source of business communication!
  • Personalised emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates.
  • Email converts HIGHER than social and search combined!!!!
  • People are 2x as likely to sign up for your email as to interact with you on Facebook!

Key elements of a successful Email.

  1. Keep it consistent. Make sure your emails are as well branded as every other element of your business. Your message needs to be very clear, this is most important in Email. You want to capture their attention quickly.
  2. Create an eye catching subject that helps you stand out in a crowded inbox. Not every email has to be selling something or offering a discount.
  3. Personalise your message as best as you can. Address your reader by name is a great place to start. This is made simple with email automation services.
  4. Don’t overwhelm your readers with too many emails find a balance between enough information and information overload. If the initial lead magnet sequence is an instructional step by step process leave a few days between each email. Once this sequence is complete one email a month is sufficient.
  5. Provide a clear call to action with any offer you send. “Call us today” with a phone number or press button to call is great. “Book today” with a click through to a calendar. “Email today” for more information with a predesigned email that they just have to plug any further information into is great. “Shop Special Now” with a click button straight to the product you are promoting. Give them something to do and put a deadline on the offer “Offer only available till the 31st September 2018”. This creates a sense of urgency.
  6. Provide a balance of images and text. But not too much of either. Too many offers or information will confuse people and they will end up onto clicking on anything.

As with anything marketing related a proper plan provides success. Plan your customer nurture activities clearly and you will find your warm clients are soon transformed into paying clients.

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