Celebrating a Green Christmas is the best gift your can give. Have you started thinking about how you can wrap your gifts this year. I always love to keep to a colour theme and while this year will be no different my focus is now on reusing paper or choosing alternatives that can be used again. Her are a few of my top tips.
Reuse the kids beautiful art works as gift wrap, Grandma will love the extra gift. Wrap gifts in old newspapers and spot paint the paper with red and green low tox water color paints. Double up your gift with a gift wrapped in a funky coloured teatowel.

Personalise gift wrap with pages from an old book, map or music sheets that suit your loved one. Old scraps of fabric can be beautifully woven into unique gift wrap to suit your colour theme. Another to gifts in one idea, fill a beautiful basket with treats and you have a waste free gift.

Leave Santa Sack gifts unwrapped this year and save on the excess paper. Wrap your gifts in beautiful silk sarongs and add some shimmer to your Christmas Tree. Finish off your gifts with twine and reusable gift tags, or hand made decorations from scraps of fabric.

Get creative this year and think outside the box. Think with a heart for the planet first and give the gift that keeps on giving. Merry Green Christmas