How can you market your Eco business well? What does it mean to be have an Eco friendly business? Firstly let’s look at a definition of Eco-Friendly. The word itself means being not harmful to the environment or earth-friendly. It means that with every decision you make you are thinking of the effect you have on the earth first. In business this means you think of the effect of your:

  • Product
  • Packaging
  • Promotions
  • Partnerships
  • Daily operations
  • Physical site set up

That’s right every element of the Marketing Mix needs to be considered if you are using the words Eco Friendly in your business. It is not as simple as having a green coloured logo and green website background. Or having the word earth in your product name. This is considered “green washing” a term we are starting to hear a lot of and a term that consumers are becoming wiser to. Consumers are looking for real, honest solutions that will help them feel and know they are changing the world with their purchase. Even if it is only one small change at a time.

It’s more than being seen to do the right thing.

Some terms you may be able to use in your eco marketing can include:

  • Low-energy solution
  • Sustainable product
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Low waste (or emissions)
  • Chemical free
  • Recycled materials
  • Repurposed materials
  • Locally sourced
  • Made in Australia
  • Taking out the ‘Middle Man’
  • Low kilometers travelled
  • From farm direct to you

But the one really big thing about all of these terms is only use them if this is how you operate your business. All of these terms indicate that your business operates with a low carbon footprint.

Building Strong Planet Changing Partnerships

There are other ways you can reduce the carbon foot print of your business through partnerships with organisations that work directly on protecting the planet. These organisations might:

  • Remove plastic from the oceans
  • Plant a tree for every product you sell
  • Work with certain species of animals to ensure their protection
  • Clean up our beaches
  • Educate kids in environmental change
  • Provide alternative energy solutions

Partnering with organisations that have the earth as their mission by donating a portion of your sales also shows everyone how important the earth is to your business. For those who run larger organisations partnering with Eco charities could be a great team building activity, get out on the field and do the work needed to clean up your local area or be a part of an educational project team.

You own a business that has the capacity to change the world. With a solid marketing strategy specifically focused toward people with a heart for the earth you will change the world.

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