Don’t let technology destroy your personal connection with your customers. While the way we communicate is changing all the time with the use of online shopping and communicating via email, messenger and even bots the personalisation of service is fading. However you do still have many opportunities to connect with your audience on a personal level, as with all things marketing it’s all about stepping outside the box just a little bit. One way you can reach people on a more personal level is by creating content through your social media channels that really speaks to them and gets into the heart of why they need you in their lives. How do you do this? Here some top tips to help you better reach your people.

  • Know who you are communicating with and what they respond to. Have a well-defined target market. For more on creating the perfect customer avatar check out this article.
  • Know what it is you want to share with them. Purpose.
  • Give them something to engage with. Call to Action.
  • Set a schedule in place. Time management. There are dozens of online tools for this and I highly recommend using the native Facebook scheduler for all things Facebook and Planoly for Instagram.
  • Start writing and creating. Action steps!!

Simple Right?

Sounds super simple when you read it like this I know, but then I can still see you scratching your head……. What am I going to write? I know it can be so hard to come up with new, fresh and engaging content month in month out. Have a think about using some of these ideas and mix them around each month.

  • Fill in the blanks. For example “I’m reducing the waste in my child’s lunchbox by …………”
  • Take people on a behind the scenes journey into your business. Share your packing station, a video of you preparing stock to send, a photo of your office, a photo of the view from your office, a brief video of your favourite outside of business activity.
  • Answer an FAQ.
  • Give a shout out to another business you admire and make sure you tag them in your post
  • Ask a question of your followers. For example “What product would you like to see added to our range?”
  • Share information about fun worldwide events coming up like national Ice Cream For Breakfast Day or World Wetlands Day. For a calendar of Australia’s Eco events head to the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy. For global events Global Stewards is a great site.
  • Show your face in video, either live of recorded
  • Share a quote that inspires you
  • Create a funny relatable meme
  • Share reviews
  • Invite people to tag a friend in a post. For example create a funny meme and say “tag a friend who is like this”
  • Share new industry information, plants the seed that you are a figure of authority.
  • Invite people to subscribe to your email list.
  • Promote a particular product, call it product of the month and offer a small discount or gift on purchase
  • Run a poll, give people options of where you want your business to head and ask their thoughts.
  • Get personal. Don’t be afraid to let people see they real you and the heart behind why you are running the business you run.

One thing to keep in mind with content creation is that this is just one way you can personalise your business. Don’t forget the importance of ongoing email nurture, after sales service and helping people make the decision to choose you. At every stage of a sale it is critical to connect. Do not create content to push people, create content so that people know if they need/want you, you are there for them.