Do you know the true needs and wants of your Target Market? How much time have you dedicated to getting inside their minds? Do you understand your target market? Who they are, what they value, what their life is like and what their pain points are is am imperative step in product and service development. No matter what you might like to be offering if it doesn’t fit the needs of your market you will not flourish. How do you achieve this?

As with everything a clearly defined strategy will bring you one step closer to success. I have created a list of 24 questions to help you define who your people are. How do you find the answers to these questions? Prior knowledge, surveys, social media engagement, social media insights, conversation and even a little social media stalking are great places to start. Go through each of these questions and consider them thoroughly then we are onto step two.

24 questions to consider about your ideal Target Market

If you are already established who is already spending with you? What sort of person are they?

  • Who gains the most from your offer and what do they gain?
  • Where do your people hang out?
  • What do they like to do in their spare time?
  • Who do they look up to and aspire to be like?
  • What annoys your people more than anything?
  • What worries keep them awake through the night?
  • How do they approach spending money?
  • What age range do your people fit into?
  • What sort of people do they hang with?
  • Do your people attend trade shows, exhibitions and other business events? What type?
  • What are their top 8 values?
  • Do your people belong to any groups and clubs?
  • How well do your people know what they are looking for?
  • Do your people attend personal development seminars? What are they seeking through these?
  • What forums, if any, do your people involve themselves in?
  • What do your people like to read?
  • Who do your people follow in the social media scene?
  • What do your people like to listen to and watch?
  • What geographical region is your offer applicable to?
  • How do your people prioritise value v’s price?
  • What is the most important aspect of their life to your business?
  • What is their greatest fear?
  • What brings them the most joy?

Where to now?

Once you have your answers to some or all of these questions put the answers into a visual format. From this you can create a printout chart that defines the key elements of your target market and ideas around how you can reach these people. A printed visual gives you and your team a constant reminder with every action they take is it serving the needs of your ideal target market.

Here is an idea of what your target market visual could look like. This was designed for a nutritionist.

I hope this has inspired you to spend some time really getting to know exactly who your ideal target market is. Believe me if you can clearly define this creating your ideal message and all other marketing strategies will be a whole world clearer.