About US


The mission of Life is For Living Marketing is to provide affordable strategies and planning tools for businesses that positively impact people and planet. Our services are all encompassing, personalised and affordable. Life is For Living strives to give you back your time to focus on your passion.


To be a part of changing behaviour and actions surrounding the care for our earth and people within Australia.

Who Are Life is For Living Marketing

Life is For Living Marketing was founded in January 2018 when we realised there was a gap in the market place for affordable effective marketing solutions for Eco friendly and wellness based businesses. Since conception we have been fortunate enough to work with several Australian businesses across various industries, however our heart has always returned to those focused on positively impacting people’s lives and the planet. We aim to create marketing strategies that are not only tailored to meet the needs of your growing target market but that also understand the budget restrictions of modern business.

We understand that employing someone in a full time qualified marketing capacity can be prohibitively expensive. This is where we feel our services offer you the opportunity to receive all the time and qualifications you need at a fraction of the cost. The best part is it really doesn’t matter where your business is located we operate remotely from the comfort of our Yarra Valley office. We start with an initial consult to determine what you exact needs are and gain a better understanding of your goals and who you are targeting. From there we can take you down several paths depending on your level of planning already in place. If you already have a marketing plan we can consider and implement the strategies you would like to put in place. If not we would love to set you on the path to success with a clear plan and then we will consider your strategies. Whichever way you choose to work with us we will help you bring all the pieces together and create a clear detailed plan and future strategy.

Our Founder

Melanie Grant

In 2017 I made the huge decision to pack up my little family and head to the beautiful Yarra Valley. From here my passion for sustainable environmentally friendly living returned. It was a long forgotten dream of mine to one day live in a straw bale home, with a huge veggie garden, an orchard, chooks and be totally self-sufficient. I thought this dream was buried never to be considered again and now I am coming to realise that while the dream may have changed slightly the desire to live a more environmentally aware life has not. My long term goal is now to live a self-sufficient life in my tiny straw bale home somewhere on a bush block. This is a huge part of why I started LIFL Marketing, I wanted to run a business that provided bucket loads of value to businesses in need that I could really take anywhere. I knew once we started living here that I really didn’t want to return to working in a corporate world being here for my family was the most important role I played. I am a mum to two of the most amazing children and it is a privilege to do life with them. With that role comes a great desire to want to make a difference and do all I can to protect the environment and provide the best life possible for my family.

Your will soon discover that working with me means extra advice and regular contact with me. I want you to flourish, I want to see everyone live the best life they can. Along with my passion to influence change comes years of experience in Small Business Marketing and qualifications in both Event Management (Associate Degree) and Marketing (Diploma). I know this is the ultimate cliché but I really am a people person, while I love that I can run this business remotely I love meeting my clients over coffee and if we are just a bit too far apart a virtual coffee can be just as great. There is nothing quite like conversation to solve problems. I am so excited for the future of LIFL Marketing and I am looking forward to working with you and learning more about your amazing business vision.