Delivering Marketing Strategies that are

personalised and affordable

You give so much of your time and attention to creating a product or service that you just know will influence change for the better. You want to share your passion for people and the planet with the world. But how do you find the time to put all the pieces together?

What we do

Our services provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that you need to flourish. Click through to discover more about each service.

Marketing Strategy Development and Updates

Are you struggling to pull your ideas into a cohesive plan and strategy development. We have the solution.

Social Media Management

Feeling overwhelmed with the constant changes in social media. We have what you need.

Email Marketing

Nurturing your relationship with current and potential clients is key to driving sales. We have the resources needed for effective communication.

Website Updates

Are you feeling that your website is missing something? We have the solution starting with a full site analysis.

Print Material Design

Who said print media is dead. Stand out from the crowd with unique design work.

Event Management

Create memorable events for your business with our qualified Event Manager.

Why we are different

Our services provide you with all encompassing, personalised and affordable  marketing solutions that you need to flourish. Unlike other marketing services our solutions are specifically designed for businesses that positively impact people and planet. We are your Eco Warrior marketing partners.

With us we bring over 10 years in Small Business Marketing experience  along with a Marketing Diploma and Business (Event Management) Degree.

Our Latest blogs

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At the moment we are seeing more talk of living an environmentally conscious life. There are many shows and documentaries dedicated to educating people on the damage we are causing to our world. Shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Minimalism and of course David...

How to Create Content That Engages Your Audience

Don't let technology destroy your personal connection with your customers. While the way we communicate is changing all the time with the use of online shopping and communicating via email, messenger and even bots the personalisation of service is fading. However you...

Greenwashing, What is it and why is it not on!

Greenwashing, what is it? Competition among environmentally conscious business is fierce already and is sure to become more so this year. The world is changing day by day. We are seeing the effects of the damage we have caused all around us. Consumers are starting to...

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Celebrating a Green Christmas is the best gift your can give. Have you started thinking about how you can wrap your gifts this year. I always love to keep to a colour theme and while this year will be no different my focus is now on reusing paper or choosing...

How to Market your Eco Business to Inspire Change

How can you market your Eco business well? What does it mean to be have an Eco friendly business? Firstly let’s look at a definition of Eco-Friendly. The word itself means being not harmful to the environment or earth-friendly. It means that with every decision you...

To Market to Market, but Will you Look Awesome?

Top Tips for Market and Exhibition Displays You have only 3 seconds to grab their attention and 10 minutes to promote your business' product or service. Here are my top tips to help you make those 3 seconds count and ensure you stand out at your next Market or...

How to Become a Social Media Expert

When we consider all of the different promotional methods we could use  the most cost effective method is and will continue to be for some time Social Media. With almost 500 million daily active users around the globe across the most popular platforms your target...

Nurture Successful Relationships through Email Marketing

You have your website, your social pages, your engaged, share valuable content and have run a bunch of successful social media ads and have built your email list. Now what? Now you nurture relationships through email marketing so that your now warm lead converts into...

How to best understand Your Target Market

Do you know the true needs and wants of your Target Market? How much time have you dedicated to getting inside their minds? Do you understand your target market? Who they are, what they value, what their life is like and what their pain points are is am imperative...

Planning for Success: The First Step to a Flourishing Business

Today we are going to take an in-depth look at the importance of planning for success. No matter the size of your business and even if you don’t have a business yet it is so important that you have a clear plan. No in your head is not good enough, this is a dream....

From Our Clients
Before you take the leap and become a Life is For Living Marketing client you want to know that you are making a wise choice right? So who better to tell you than some of our current clients? We work closely with each of our clients to ensure their individual business needs are met and their goals are reached, the feedback we receive is always positive.
“Melanie’s marketing services benefited our business by asking strategic questions that allowed us to focus on our key factors for success. Her knowledge, commitment and resourcefulness, combined with her excellent work ethic, supported our business during the challenging startup, growth and review stage of a global business with a new concept to bring to the market. I highly recommend Melanie’s services to add value to your business strategy.” Angela Derks

Australasian Sustainable Wellness Academy

“Melanie is getting great results for my business and I am really happy to be working together on such a productive marketing plan.” Margaret O'Hara

The Fregie Sack

Invest in a wise, experienced person! What you will gain will be priceless! Totally recommend Melanie from Life is For Living Marketing for your marketing strategies.
Let go of the reins and give something a chance for it could end up becoming one of your best assets.

Pippa Borwell


“Over the past few months it has been an absolute pleasure working with Melanie. Nothing has ever been too hard for her. Her work speaks for itself which is amazing.” Hayden Anton


“The service that I offer is a very new concept in interior design, so extremely difficult to market. But within weeks of working with Mel and her unique marketing ideas, I actually got my very first paying client. Mel took the time to understand my business and my ideal client before creating some amazing marketing material and some great ideas for me to continue to do myself. Mel is so easy to work with and lovely to speak to. I would highly recommend her for anybody needing some help with their marketing” Kim Dugina

Harp Interiors

“I loved working with Mel. She understood fully what I was wanting to do with my campaigns. As a beginner in the Facebook campaign World and Mel was great a listening to my audience and what I was trying to target and she went over and above with trailing initial ideas and audiences and emailing the results so we could re target and keep improving. I felt Mel was more than happy to keep tweaking until we started getting to the results we wanted. I feel a lot more confident now with finding my target market and I’m now getting ready for the next campaign which will be bigger and better with Mel.”

Pippa Borwell

Fire Fly Covers